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memory care community in athens ga

Memory Care Community in Athens GA

Welcome to Haven Memory Care
Northeast Georgia’s Only Exclusive
Memory Care and Dementia Care Community

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What Sets Haven Memory Care Apart

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Compassionate Care

At Haven Memory Care of Athens, our highly trained staff is the foundation of our care and success. We hire compassionate care partners who are passionate about the well-being of our seniors.

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Our care partners stay current with the latest memory care research and techniques to provide optimal care for our residents.

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Memory Care Exclusive

Our memory care community in Athens GA is exclusively for residents dealing with mid-to-late-stage memory care disease, including all forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, and Lewy Body.

See The Difference

Welcome to Haven Memory Care, the premier memory care community in Athens, GA. Our community stands out as the only memory care community exclusively dedicated to providing care for all forms of dementia. Our care partners stay current with the latest research and techniques in memory care to ensure the optimal well-being of our residents.

At Haven Memory Care, our focus is on accommodating individuals dealing with mid-to-late-stage memory care diseases, including all forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Lewy Body dementia. We understand the unique challenges that come with these conditions, and we are committed to creating a warm and supportive environment where our residents can thrive.

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Our Memory Care Services

Dementia Care Athens GA

Haven Memory Care is dedicated to providing exceptional dementia care. With a compassionate and experienced team of professionals, we strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment where individuals with dementia can thrive. Our person-centered approach ensures that each resident’s unique needs and preferences are taken into account, allowing for personalized care plans that promote overall well-being. From engaging activities designed to stimulate cognitive function to specialized memory care programs, Haven Memory Care goes above and beyond to enhance the quality of life for individuals living with dementia.

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Alzheimer’s Care Athens GA

At Haven Memory Care, we understand the unique needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. Our compassionate team is trained to assist residents in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes their well-being and preserves their dignity. With a focus on personalized care, we offer a range of engaging activities and programs tailored to stimulate memory, cognition, and overall physical health. Our state-of-the-art community is designed to enhance the daily lives of our residents, featuring comfortable living spaces, beautiful gardens, and secure areas to promote safety.

Lewy Body Dementia Care Athens GA

Haven Memory Care provides comprehensive and specialized care for individuals experiencing Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). LBD can be difficult to recognize due to its unique combination of cognitive, physical, and sleep-related symptoms. However, our staff is adept at managing the complexities of LBD, and are trained to identify and respond to these challenges effectively. For each type of challenge the disease presents, we take adequate measures that aid the resident in living a high quality of life.

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Respite Care Services Athens GA

Haven Memory Care understands the importance of supporting not only our residents but also their family care partners. To this end, we offer respite care services that allow family members to take a necessary break, knowing that their loved ones are in good hands. During respite stays, our experienced staff provides a full range of services, including assistance with daily living activities, medication management, and engaging in stimulating social and cognitive activities. Additionally, they provide compassionate, individualized care to residents experiencing memory-related challenges. With a commitment to safety and comfort, our team creates a secure, homely environment for respite care residents, ensuring they receive the attention and care they need while their family members rest and rejuvenate.

Hospice Care Services Athens GA

At Haven Memory Care, we understand the unique needs of individuals with memory loss. That’s why we offer specialized hospice care services to provide comfort, compassion, and support during the end-of-life journey. Our dedicated team of professionals is trained to deliver personalized care that focuses on pain management, emotional and spiritual support, and enhancing the quality of life for our residents and their families. We are committed to creating a peaceful, comforting environment where residents can live out their final days with dignity and respect. With our hospice care services, we ensure that every resident receives the compassionate care they deserve during this difficult time.

hospice care services athens ga
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Our Process

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Resident History

We start by understanding the story of our residents, by gathering information from the family in a formal discovery session with either the director of nursing or the owner who is also a licensed nurse, which enables us to provide care that respects and honors their individuality.

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Patient-Centered Care

Our compassionate team of professionals is trained in the latest dementia care practices and techniques to create positive experiences that promote cognitive functioning, boost self-esteem, and enhance the overall quality of life for our residents.

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Level of Care

Our treatment and care services are up to date with a dedicated treatment research team constantly reviewing research and peer treatment. We utilize these findings in our care community so that our residents receive the most-updated, best possible care available.

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Our Athens Location

Our Memory Care Community
Athens, GA

705 Whitehead Rd

Athens, GA 30606

Administrative Hours: Monday – Friday:
8:00 AM – 5 PM

We are a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week
memory care community.

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Our Athens Memory Care Community

Surrounded by 11 acres of hardwoods and the natural beauty of Athens, GA, our community integrates design elements that are purposefully crafted to support the unique needs of those with dementia. Our secure community is architecturally designed by a specialized memory care architect to be easy to navigate and features calm, soothing colors and plenty of natural light. Each element contributes to creating a serene, comfortable environment that makes our residents feel at home.

Garden Area

Our garden is enclosed and available for the residents to enjoy at will. It features a porch with ceiling fans, garden lights, sun sails for shade, a water feature, and sensory garden. We have recently sodded the area with barefoot soft grass. It is also a haven for birds as residents may have bird feeders outside their windows. Currently, there are black-capped chickadees, tufted titmouse, cardinals, morning dove, and house wren just to mention a few, and don’t forget the hummingbirds when in season. We also pride ourselves on the view of the backyard where we host about 20 deer. Staff feed the deer corn and apples and have a salt lick for them so they’re fun to watch. There’s plenty of seating room and a paved walking path in the courtyard.

garden area memory care center in athens ga

Dining Room

Our dining experience is best summed up as home cooking. Of course, our menu is created by a licensed geriatric dietician but what we are most proud of is our food is not processed box food. Everything is made from scratch and cooked, not heated, in our kitchen. Our residents love it and so does our staff. We also feed our resident’s family when visiting, just let us know so we can make a little extra.

What is a Care Plan?

A care plan is a personalized and comprehensive document that outlines the specific care and support needed for residents with memory impairments, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It serves as a roadmap for our care partners and healthcare professionals, ensuring that the resident’s unique requirements are met on a daily basis.

Care plans are a collaborative process, involving the resident, their family members, and our healthcare team. It takes into account the resident’s medical history, cognitive abilities, physical limitations, behavioral challenges, and personal preferences. The goal of the care plan is to enhance the quality of life and maximize independence while addressing any potential safety concerns or medical needs.

Care Plan Details

At Haven Memory Care our care plans are based on person-centered care. Person-centered care, previously “patient-centered care,” focuses on the individual needs of patients while considering their environment, abilities, feelings, experiences, and wants.

Of course, this type of care is not just limited to patients in acute care but rather includes residents in our community as well. When we take this approach to care we are able to optimize the patient experience by providing patients and family members with ample opportunity to assist in making medical choices. Under person-centered care, all clinical decisions are made with empathy and deep respect for patient values, preferences, and rights.

Put simply, person-centered services are about taking the time to get to know your patients and residents. “It is only by knowing a person that you can figure out what matters to them,” said Dr. Mike Wasserman, former President of the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine. After 30 days we reevaluate the care plan because so much can happen in the first 30 days. Once the custom care plan is in place it is revisited every quarter to change as their needs change.

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What Are ADLs?

ADL’s stands for Activities of Daily Living. All of our resident’s ADLs are taken care of in one way or another. If they are unable to complete these tasks we will either complete them or we will assist based on their level of need. We will always take care of laundry and housekeeping. But other ADLs such as hygiene, toileting, grooming and eating, we take more of an assistance approach based on the level of progression of their diagnosis.

Activities & Amenities

Our memory care community offers a range of services and amenities designed to promote comfort, safety, and engagement. From well-designed living spaces to our secure outdoor garden, we have created an environment that fosters independence and maximizes quality of life. Our comprehensive programs include cognitive stimulation activities, exercise classes, and support groups that encourage socialization and mental well-being.


Art classes
Intergenerational programs
Birthday parties
Holiday parties
Bible study groups
Live Well programs
Live music & performances
Cognitive fitness
Sensory-based programs
Community service programs
Walking club
Gardening club
Stretching classes
Trivia games
Pet programs
Seated exercise
Grasp strength-focused exercise
Balanced exercise


Studio & semi-private rooms with private bath
Rooms are wheelchair accessible & include personal heat & air controls
Three nutritious meals plus unlimited snacks each day
Housekeeping & laundry services
Medication supervision
Assistance with bathing, dressing, & daily activities
Compassionate on-site medical staff including registered nurses, LPNs, Medication Aides and CNAs with specialized dementia training
Regularly scheduled activities specifically designed for the resident’s stage of their diagnosis
Facility security system with a keyless entry system
Safe, comfortable environment
Utilities and cable included

Meal Options

No sugar
Guest meals
Professional chef
Special dining programs
Low/No Sodium
Anytime dining
Meals provided
Room service
Special dietary texture requirements

memory care community athens ga
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Schedule a Tour of Haven Memory Care in Athens GA

Choose Haven Memory Care as your trusted partner in memory care. Experience the difference our specialized community can make for your loved ones who are living with memory loss. Contact us today to schedule a tour and learn more about our unique approach to dementia care. If you are unable to tour in person we can provide a live virtual tour either on Facetime or Google Meet.

You can expect to experience any and everything you would if you were in person. We will follow any requested path (except occupied rooms) and answer any questions you might have. We will show you the common areas, the exterior of the building if you request, and weather permitting, the courtyard, dining room, model resident room, our unique family room, and its background. After the tour, a comprehensive conversation regarding our community with our community relations manager will occur.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Memory care is necessary when an individual is experiencing significant cognitive decline and struggling with memory loss. We usually see patients admitted to our community starting at stage 3, but ideally when care becomes too much for a loved one to take on by themselves, then a memory care community can become a great option.

Memory care and assisted living are two distinct types of care for seniors that address different needs. While assisted living is designed for older adults who can still manage some aspects of daily life independently, memory care is specifically tailored for individuals with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s or dementia who need around-the-clock monitoring and assistance.

Memory care improves the quality of life for individuals suffering from memory impairment. Our community offers secure entrances and exits and carefully monitored living spaces to prevent wandering and ensure each resident’s safety. Additionally, we offer structured routines and activities tailored to the needs and abilities of each resident. These programs aim to stimulate cognitive function, enhance memory recall, and promote social interaction. Engaging in meaningful activities help residents maintain their independence, boost self-esteem, and provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Our professional staff are extensively trained to understand the unique challenges associated with memory loss. They are skilled in communication techniques that effectively engage residents, even as their cognitive abilities decline and provide assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and medication management.

When it comes to visiting someone in memory care, the frequency of visits can vary depending on various factors. Generally speaking, it is important to maintain regular contact and visits to ensure the emotional well-being and connection with the person in memory care. However, it’s also crucial to consider their individual needs, preferences, and the guidance provided by the staff.rnrnOne key factor to consider is the stage of the person’s cognitive decline. In the early stages, they may still have the ability to recognize and appreciate regular visits from loved ones. In such cases, it may be beneficial to visit at least once or twice a week to help maintain a sense of familiarity and social interaction. Regular visits can contribute to their overall happiness and provide a much-needed sense of connection.rnrnAs the disease progresses, frequent visits become even more crucial. People in middle or later stages of memory loss may struggle to remember recent events or even recognize their loved ones. However, consistent visits can still provide comfort, reassurance, and a feeling of emotional support. In such cases, it is advisable to visit more frequently, perhaps two or three times a week if feasible.