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Northeast Georgia’s Only Exclusive
Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Community

What Sets Haven Memory Care Apart

Compassionate Care

At Haven Memory Care, our highly trained staff is the foundation of our care and success. We hire compassionate care partners who are passionate about the well-being of our seniors.


Our care partners stay current with the latest memory care research and techniques to provide optimal care for our residents.

Memory Care Exclusive

Our private pay memory care community is exclusively for residents dealing with mid-to-late-stage memory care disease, including all forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, and Lewy Body.

See The Difference

Welcome to Haven Memory Care! We are North East Georgia’s only exclusive, private pay memory care community with nurses and care partners who have specialized training in all forms of dementia. Our 11-acre campus surrounded by hardwoods in Athens, GA offers the most specialized memory care available, encompassing the full spectrum of memory-related diagnoses from mild to the most severe. Our patient-centered approach focuses on providing holistic, comprehensive care with expertly trained staff and a physical environment specifically designed to improve the quality of life of our residents. Give us a call today to learn more about our facility and how we can help your loved one thrive.

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Our Memory Care Services

Dementia Care Athens GA

Haven Memory Care offers comprehensive and specialized care for individuals living with various forms of dementia. The community is designed to provide a safe, comforting environment that aids orientation and reduces confusion, while also offering state-of-the-art security to prevent elopement, which is a technical term where a resident leaves a safe area. Our highly trained staff, skilled in dementia care, work to meet each resident’s unique needs, helping them with daily tasks, managing their medication, and providing therapeutic activities that stimulate cognition and promote social interaction.

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Alzheimer’s Care Athens GA

Alzheimer’s is the leading type of dementia in the nation. It is a progressive neurological disease characterized by memory loss, cognitive decline, and behavior changes. As the disease advances, individuals may struggle with communication, recognizing loved ones, and even basic self-care. Our team is trained to manage the behavioral symptoms commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, always prioritizing the resident’s dignity and quality of life. We also extend support to the families, providing education and resources to help them better understand and cope with the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Lewy Body Dementia Care Athens GA

Haven Memory Care provides comprehensive and specialized care for individuals experiencing Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). LBD can be difficult to recognize due to its unique combination of cognitive, physical, and sleep-related symptoms. However, our staff is adept at managing the complexities of LBD, and are trained to identify and respond to these challenges effectively. For each type of challenge the disease presents, we take adequate measures that aid the resident in living a high quality of life.

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respite care facility

Respite Care Services Athens GA

Haven Memory Care understands the importance of supporting not only our residents but also their family care partners. To this end, we offer respite care services that allow family members to take a necessary break, knowing that their loved ones are in good hands. During respite stays, our experienced staff provides a full range of services, including assistance with daily living activities, medication management, and engaging in stimulating social and cognitive activities. Additionally, they provide compassionate, individualized care to residents experiencing memory-related challenges. With a commitment to safety and comfort, our team creates a secure, homely environment for respite care residents, ensuring they receive the attention and care they need while their family members rest and rejuvenate.

Hospice Care Services Athens GA

At Haven Memory Care, we understand the unique needs of individuals with memory loss. That’s why we offer specialized hospice care services to provide comfort, compassion, and support during the end-of-life journey. Our dedicated team of professionals is trained to deliver personalized care that focuses on pain management, emotional and spiritual support, and enhancing the quality of life for our residents and their families. We are committed to creating a peaceful, comforting environment where residents can live out their final days with dignity and respect. With our hospice care services, we ensure that every resident receives the compassionate care they deserve during this difficult time.

hospice care services athens ga

Pharmacy Athens GA

At Haven Memory Care, we have formed a partnership with a long-standing local pharmacy in Athens called Adds Pharmacy. This partnership includes a unique aspect – a separate location dedicated to serving the senior living communities in the Athens area. Adds Pharmacy makes deliveries to our community twice daily and is available at short notice for urgent medication needs. They can also adjust medications if needed when a resident returns from the hospital. Adds Pharmacy, like Haven Memory Care, is locally owned and operated, and we prioritize supporting local businesses to maintain community ties in Athens. While residents are free to choose a different pharmacy, state law requires that all medications must be repackaged by Adds Pharmacy before use.

Why Choose Haven Memory Care?

Level of Care

Alongside being compassionate, our care partners receive specialized training in dementia care. From knowing how to approach the ones they care for, to recognizing the stage of dementia a resident may be experiencing, our staff has a deep understanding of the different types of dementia, their progression, and associated behaviors. This dementia-specific knowledge focuses on the pathology of dementia, the impact of cognition, memory, and behavior, and how these changes affect a person’s abilities and quality of life. 

Patient-Centered Care

Our nurses are proficient in providing personal care tailored to the needs of dementia residents. This includes assisting with daily activities, managing medications, and observing and addressing physical and cognitive changes. We are a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week memory care community. Our residents receive the best possible around-the-clock care as needed. Our focus of care resides in patient-centered care that meets the needs of our residents while maximizing their quality of life no matter how far along they are in their prognosis.

Stress Management

Providing dementia care can be emotionally taxing. Our nurses have strong resilience and stress management skills to cope with various challenges while maintaining a high level of care. Our staff is trained to recognize signs of stress in the workplace and have been empowered to take actions to prevent burnout or other common issues that arise with helping others with this disease. Our management is devoted to maintaining the mental health of the staff and we recognize and fully appreciate how crucial a happy healthy staff is to providing the best care in the area.


  • Lisa and her staff take excellent care of their residents. They take pride in Haven Memory Care, and truly make it feel like home. Lisa and her staff are full of compassion, education, and love. They have a FULL time RN and LPN on staff with lots of experience in long term care. Whether you’re looking for respite care or a long term home for your loved one, Haven is the place!

    – Courtney B. –

    Google Review

  • This beautiful facility is highly impressive! I toured the community, and it was pristine, clean, and beautifully situated among the trees. The staff was welcoming to guests and attentive to the residents. They are the best Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Athens!

    – Denisse M. –

    Google Review

  • This place is outstanding! My mom received the best care possible in a loving atmosphere tailor-made for her needs. I give Haven Memory Care my highest recommendation.

    – Glen J. –

    Google Review

  • What a wonderful facility! Newly renovated, beautiful décor, very soothing atmosphere. It is fully staffed and the staff is well trained, compassionate, caring and very friendly. They know every resident, their likes and dislikes, their personalities and they make sure each resident is cared for individually. The owner is terrific! She is local and always available. She has personal experience with dementia (her mom) and that makes her the ideal owner for a place like this. As a physician, I have seen a variety of facilities, but nothing like this that caters specifically to the dementia patient. I am extremely impressed and pleased with the care my mother is getting. I would highly recommend Haven Memory Care!

    – Robin S. –

    Google Review

Our Location

Athens, GA

Athens, GA 30606

705 Whitehead Rd

Phone: (706) 549-9800

Haven Memory Care is a dedicated memory care community serving NE Georgia, including the towns of Braselton and Greensboro. With a focus on individuals experiencing memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, Haven Memory Care provides a safe and supportive environment for residents. Their compassionate and highly trained staff work diligently to ensure personalized care for each individual, helping them maintain their dignity and independence. Through specialized programs and activities, Haven Memory Care strives to enhance the well-being and quality of life of their residents, promoting a sense of belonging and meaningful engagement.