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Alzheimer’s Care Services in Athens GA

Have Memory Care is a private pay memory care community. We recognize that each individual living with Alzheimer’s disease has unique needs, abilities, and preferences. Our specialized Alzheimer’s care program is built upon this understanding, offering personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive care for our residents.

At Haven Memory Care we recognize Alzheimer’s as the most common form of dementia. However,  in many instances Alzheimer’s is combined with other forms of dementia. As a diagnosis of a specific type of dementia is not always included with admission, knowing if someone is suffering from Alzheimer’s does have its benefits. For example, with Alzheimer’s we know what step or progression is next. This is unique with Alzheimer’s. We don’t know how long an individual may be in that step/stage but we know what is next. We can also gage the cognitive age of a person with this disease.  We have included this scale on this page. It is very eye opening and we use if for a variety of reasons such as activities and pairing with like level residents. Alzheimer’s is a complicated disease involving the brain’s “electrical system” and how it becomes polluted with protein tangles that for the most part short circuit the activity in the brain. Current treatments are focusing on these tangles and preventing the build up of these tangles thus stopping the progression of the disease. We have some very promising results with these medications from the past 18 months. For the most part they are all still in clinical trials but we hope to have something soon that may stop the growth of this terrible disease.

How We Care for Residents with Alzheimer’s

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Our approach to Alzheimer’s care is multidimensional and designed to enhance the quality of life for residents at all stages of the disease. Our approach to care is multifaceted focusing on physical health and safety, cognitive stimulation, emotional well-being, and social engagement while maintaining a sense of dignity and self-worth for each individual we serve.

Our well-trained care team understands the challenges that Alzheimer’s disease presents. From communicating effectively, responsive behavior management, and creating structured, our predictable environments foster feelings of security and well-being. Our team is also trained to recognize and respond to changes in the physical and cognitive health of our residents, allowing for the adaptation of fluid care plans as the disease progresses. 

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Haven Memory Care Athens GA Team

Our Athens GA Community

Haven Memory Care Athens GA Team

Our memory care communities are thoughtfully and specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of individuals with dementia. This includes clear and simple layouts to prevent confusion, secure and monitored spaces to prevent elopement, and areas for residents to engage safely in activities both indoor and outdoor.

Surrounded by 11 acres of hardwoods and the natural beauty of Athens, GA, our community integrates design elements that are purposefully crafted to support the unique needs of those with dementia. Our secure community is architecturally designed by a specialized memory care architect to be easy to navigate and features calm, soothing colors and plenty of natural light. Each element contributes to creating a serene, comfortable environment that makes our residents feel at home.


Support for All Forms of Dementia

At Haven Memory Care, we strive to preserve the memories and experiences that define each resident’s individuality. We provide an array of stimulating cognitive activities designed to engage residents at their current ability level. These activities include memory games, art therapy, music programs, and reminiscence therapy that help slow cognitive decline and provide opportunities for meaningful engagement.

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Our Staff Treat Your Loved One Like Family

We understand the importance of emotional well-being in Alzheimer’s care. Our dedicated staff takes the time to get to know each resident personally, to understand their history, their likes and dislikes, and their personal story. This approach allows us to provide emotional support that is tailored to each individual, and foster a deep connection that contributes to the overall well-being of our residents. We provide our residents with plenty of opportunities that enhance their quality of life.


Social engagement is a key component of our Alzheimer’s care approach. We encourage interactions through group activities, communal dining, and shared experiences, providing opportunities for friendship and a sense of community.

Nutritional Care

Nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining overall health. Our on-site chefs prepare nutritious, appealing meals, considering dietary needs and personal preferences. Our staff provides assistance with meals as needed, ensuring that dining remains a pleasurable and social experience. Our menus are created by a licensed geriatric dietician.

Activities & Amenities

Our memory care community offers a range of services and amenities designed to promote comfort, safety, and engagement. From well-designed living spaces to our secure outdoor garden, we have created an environment that fosters independence and maximizes quality of life. Our comprehensive programs include cognitive stimulation activities, exercise classes, and support groups that encourage socialization and mental well-being.


Services Offered

Meal Options


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Healthcare coordination is an integral part of our care plan. Our team works closely with each resident’s healthcare providers, ensuring a coordinated and comprehensive approach to their medical care. This includes management of medications, regular health assessments, and prompt attention to any changes in health. At Haven Memory Care we have partnered with Transitional Care Physicians of America. There is a 24/7 accessible portal to track your loved one’s medical records. They have a 30 minute required response time for any medial issue we may contact them about. Most all needs are met on site with only emergent medical events requiring off site transportation. The list of medical needs is quite extensive so feel free to contact us to determine if specific needs can be met in our community. 

Family support is fundamental to our care philosophy. We maintain regular communication with families about their loved ones’ well-being and progress. We also provide education and resources for families to understand Alzheimer’s disease and learn strategies to communicate and connect with their loved ones. Resident family-led support groups as well as staff-led support groups are offered at Haven Memory Care. 

At Haven Memory Care, we are dedicated to providing our residents with Alzheimer’s disease a warm, supportive, and enriching environment. We honor their journey, celebrate their lives, and strive to make every day meaningful for them, reaffirming their dignity and worth as individuals. With Haven Memory Care, your loved ones are in compassionate, capable hands.

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Discover the difference a specialized memory care community can make. Connect with us at Haven Memory Care where we go above and beyond to create a haven of peace, security, and personalized care for those living with dementia.

By choosing Haven Memory Care, you’re not just finding a place for your loved one to live; you’re finding a community where they can thrive, despite the challenges dementia might bring. At Haven, we believe in creating joyful moments every day and crafting a celebration and appreciation of life for our residents. Let us be your partner in this journey, providing expert care from our family to yours.

Haven Memory Care is a dedicated memory care community serving NE Georgia, including the towns of Braselton and Greensboro. With a focus on individuals experiencing memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, Haven Memory Care provides a safe and supportive environment for residents.

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